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Chinese Drywall Inspection


At Florida Home Inspections we know that for many people in southwest Florida, their home or condo is their largest investment. Drywall inspection insures that your home is not hiding problems just beneath the surface. Using our Thermal Imaging technology, we can identify these complications and offer solutions.

Why Should You Have A Drywall Inspection

There are many reasons why you should have a drywall inspection in your home or condo.  Problems can lurk just beneath the surface, and cause a variety of health concerns and hide growing problems in your home. These issues can range from mold contamination, termites or even Chinese drywall contamination.  A thorough drywall inspection can prevent damage, and prevent health problems for you and your family.

Chinese Drywall

Newer homes in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, North Port, and throughout southwest Florida may have been built with the substandard quality Chinese drywall.  This drywall has been known to damage plumbing, electrical systems, and lead to a number of medical issues for residents.  This problem is not always detectable by odor, so it is important that you only use a qualified and certified drywall inspector.

Home owners who fail to have their drywall inspected, may discover too late that their home is effected and will be burdened with the costly repairs themselves.  Have your drywall inspected today to ensure your home is void of Chinese drywall.


Mold can grow anywhere moisture gathers.  In Florida, that can be around air ducts, water pipes, and many other hidden locations.  The presence of mold can signal a leak in plumbing, a window or even your roof.  A proper drywall inspection can insure that your home is safe from these potential hazard, and that your investment and family are protected.


Termites can hide behind drywall devouring your home from within.  A proper drywall inspection can help prevent damage before it becomes a costly nightmare by detecting infestations before they grow out of control.

Choose The Best

At Florida Home Inspections we ensure your peace of mind by following strict and thorough drywall inspection procedures.  Using the latest in technology and thermal imaging equipment, we examine your drywall both inside and out.

Your home is too important to trust to inexperienced, or untrained drywall inspectors. Gain the peace of mind you deserve, contact Florida Home Inspections, Inc. to have your drywall inspected. Serving Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, North Port and all of Southwest Florida